Things That We Do Here

The 3 Cs


We provide solutions to your problem by putting things into perspective. Our consultants are exposed to various markets, namely; Internet business, telco, finance, entertainment, retail, visual design, fashion and interior design.


Fused by a pinch of talent, a touch of taste and many years of experience, our creative process has matured to be relevant to the ever evolving market trends.


We execute creative services: communications, events, web, videos, multimedia applications, creative design, audio visual solutions, etc. to cater to every demand in the marketplace.

What We Do

HERETIX360 is a creative agency focused on DESIGN and EXPERIENCE of people.
We create immersive events and digital works for brands that matter.
We are nonconformists, often challenging status quo. Being different is in our DNA.

In our house, it is a sin to be idle and complacent.

Campaign Management

Successful marketing campaigns will consider various key areas such as Market Research, Buyer Behaviours, Clear Messaging, Engaging Content and the channels that are available to achieve the GOAL. We plan, activate, track and analyse marketing campaigns for your brand. We are results-oriented.

Multimedia Design

Make a lasting impression to your customers through clever use of graphics, animation, sound and videos. We create highly engaging interactive presentations infusing trendy creative ideas finished with pixel-perfect execution to evoke the senses of your viewers.

Social Media & Web Management

Make your brand be heard and be seen in the digital realm. We create and curate creative content across social media platforms and websites based on your brand USPs. Our team of digital content creators and developers are marketing & sales oriented.

Creative Consultancy

Our creative consultants consist of multi-disciplinary professionals with background in Branding, Multimedia Design, Multimedia Systems Development, 3D Modelling + Animation, Creative Copywriting, Social Media Marketing and Web Management. Our approach to your business challenges is creative-centric. Ideas comes first, then comes skills/experience to materialise them. The outcome of this process is often a creative roadmap for your business challenge.

Event Management

The success of events depends highly on the people behind the planning and execution works. Our team of event managers have been in the business for almost 23 years (combined) with plenty of experience to offer in the field of HSSE, Creative Launch Gimmicks, Audio-Visual, Entertainment and Talent Management. We pride ourselves with various themed events executed with precise and detailed production to create truly immersive events.