Recently, I’ve come across a Facebook trend: 30-Day Video Game Music Challenge. Those who voluntarily participate in it will have to share video game music based on the criteria listed for each day. This has gotten me to think about the relationship between our life and music. For many of us, music is a source of peace, energy, inspiration, etc. The way we encounter them through movies or video games also change the way we perceive them; if we heard the soundtrack in a particularly bad movie, hearing the same soundtrack would bring back bad memories of the experience. So then, how do the soundtracks of your life sound like? As serene as Enya? Or as chaotic as Swedish Death Metal? Here are some of my favourite tracks and the feelings they inspire in me:

Warning: Explicit Content

This song speaks to me on a spiritual level. Each and every day, I see someone saying or doing something so stupid, I just want to scream the chorus to this song. It’s too bad none of the karaokes I’ve visited has this song in their song selection, otherwise this would be the first song I’d choose to let off some steam.

An underrated classic, the title of thing song translates to “Pavane for a dead princess”. According to its composer, Maurice Ravel, it’s not dedicated to any actual person, but it’s based on nostalgia for old Spanish customs and sensibilities, as the pavane is a slow dance popular in 16th- and 17th-century European courts. This chromatic piece was meant to be played extremely slowly.

Touhou Project is a series of video games solely created by a one-man team called Team Shanghai Alice, and its sole member is a man by the name of ZUN. His works are extremely popular in Japan, and has spawned such a fanbase that they have multiple annual conventions just for Touhou fans sharing fan-created works, chief among them remixes of the music that ZUN has composed. This is one of my favourite Touhou remixes: calm and gentle, the earnestness in the singer’s voice almost makes you want to cry.

The beauty of the Touhou fanbase is that there is such an extensive remix of all the songs that have been released, that if a genre exists, there would be a Touhou arrange of that genre. You can find a multitude of Touhou songs for every single mood. Not only is this an amazing orchestral piece, it is also backed by a full choir! This is the very definition of awesome, for it fills you with awe with the knowledge that such amazing talent exists in the world, creating such works based on passion rather than profit. I could even fill this article with nothing but Touhou music, but that would be unfair to all the other songs I enjoy.

The story behind this song is actually pretty awesome: Jovette Rivera composed this song all by himself, including the singing, and this is not his first or even second venture into creating a fan remix for video game music; he has been doing so for quite a number of years. After this, he went on to become a multi-platinum music producer and composer and has been working with top major Asian artists. The song itself is just as awesome, with a mellow beginning that evolves into metal, and a chorus that evokes memories of Linkin Park. The lyrics are also filled with meaning, and the bridge is easily my favourite part of the song. As an added bonus, here’s another one of his works:

Those were just some of the songs that I appreciate and hold a lot of meaning in my life. What are the soundtracks of your life? Which song do you think best represents you? Let us know in the comments below!